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50 Gallon, RG250S6N - 50,000 BTU/Hour N-Gas Resident Water Heater


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22'' x 58-3/16'', 50000 BTU/Hr, 50 Gallon, Lead-Free, Vitraglas Lined, Steel Surface, Natural Gas, Short, Residential Gas Water Heater
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Features/Benefits : Lead-Free; Bradford White Icon System - Intelligent Gas Control with Proven Millivolt Powered Technology and Built-In Piezo Igniter; A Standard, Off the Shelf Thermopile Converts Heat Energy from the Pilot Flame into Electrical Energy to Operate the Gas Valve and Microprocessor; No Need for External Electricity; Enhanced Performance - Proprietary Algorithms Provide Enhanced First Hour Delivery Ratings and Tighter Temperature Differentials; Advanced Temperature Control System - Microprocessor Constantly Monitors and Controls Burner Operation to Maintain Consistent and Accurate Water Temperature Levels; Intelligent Diagnostics - An Exclusive Green LED Light Prompts the Installer During Start-Up and Provides Ten Different Diagnostic Codes to Assist in Troubleshooting; Pilot on Indication - Flashing Green LED Provides Positive Indication that Pilot is on; Separate Immersed Thermowell - High Strength Advanced Polymer Composite Thermowell Provides Isolation Between Electric Temperature Sensor and Surrounding Water; No Need to Drain the Tank When Removing Gas Valve; Advanced ScreenLok® Technology Flame Arrestor Design - Flame Arrestor is Designed to Prevent Ignition of Flammable Vapor Outside of the Water Heater; Resettable Thermal Switch - Proven and Reliable Bi-Metallic Switch Prevents Burner and Pilot Operation in Case of Ongoing Flammable Vapor Burn Inside of the Combustion Chamber or Restricted Air Flow; Maintenance-Free - No Regular Cleaning of Air Inlet Openings or Flame Arrestor is Required Under Normal Conditions; Sight Window - Offers a View into the Combustion Chamber to Observe the Operation of the Pilot and Burner; Factory Installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System - Cold Water Inlet Sediment Reducing Device Helps Prevent Sediment Build-Up in Tank; Increases First Hour Delivery of Hot Water While Minimizing Temperature Build-Up in Tank; Vitraglas® Lining - Bradford White Tanks are Lined with an Exclusively Engineered Enamel Formula that Provides Superior Tan
  • Additional Information Lead-Free; Recovery Efficiency 80 Percent; Energy Factor 0.6; Pressure Rating 300 PSI (Test), 150 PSI (Working)
  • Applicable Standard ANSI Z21.10.1, ASHRAE 90.1b, FVIR, AHRI, AGA/CGA,
  • Burner Type Steel
  • options Leg Kit
  • Container Capacity 50 Gallon
  • Drain Valve Details Durable Tamperproof Low Restriction Brass
  • Fuel Type Natural Gas
  • Gas Connection 1/2 Inch
  • Gph Recovery 54 GPH at 90 Deg F (US)
  • Ignition Type Piezo
  • Inlet/Outlet Connection 3/4 Inch Threaded x 3/4 Inch Threaded
  • Input Supply Rating 50000 BTU/Hour
  • Insulation Details Non-CFC Foam
  • Manufacturer Part Number RG250S6N
  • Short Description 22'' x 58-3/16'', 50000 BTU/Hr, 50 Gallon, Lead-Free, Vitraglas Lined, Steel Surface, Natural Gas, Short, Residential Gas Water Heater
  • Product Residential Gas Water Heater
  • Relief Valve Details T and P Relief Valve Installed
  • Series/Model RG
  • Tank Dimensions 22 Inch Diameter Jacket x 58-3/16 Inch Height
  • Tank Height Including Draft 60-1/2 Inch
  • Tank Material Engineered Enameled Vitraglas Lined, Steel Surface
  • Type Residential Gas Water Heater
  • Draft Hood Outlet/Vent Size 4 Inch
  • Venting Type Atmospheric
  • Warranty 6 Year Limited

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