Wallington Plumbing Supply provides a large range of components for heating systems to meet the needs of your home heating systems or industrial heating systems. Everything you require may be found here, including mixing valves, pressure relief valves, air valves, boilers, gauges, hydronic heating components, hot air heating components, and more. These are premium products designed for the utmost comfort, durability, and effectiveness.

Air valves are utilized in heating systems to automatically remove trapped air and avoid airlocks, which can impair the flow of hot water and reduce system effectiveness.

Boilers are an essential part of heating systems because they heat the water, steam, or air that is subsequently cycled through pipes or ducts to heat a space.

Gauges are used in heating systems to measure and display important properties, including temperature, pressure, and flow rate, allowing operators to monitor and control the system's functioning.

Hydronic heating is a type of heating system that distributes heat throughout a building using hot water or steam.

Hot air heating is a type of heating system that circulates hot air through ducts to provide heat.

Mixing valves are devices used in heating systems to combine hot water from the boiler with cooler water returning from the heating system in order to accurately control the temperature of the water circulating in the system.

Relief valves are safety equipment created to automatically open and release pressure from heating systems if the pressure rises above a safe level, assisting in avoiding system failure or damage.

Pressure valves are used to regulate the pressure within heating systems so that a safe and appropriate range is always maintained.

Check your heating systems today and maintain them before the winter season. Let Wallington Plumbing Supply keep you warm with top-of-the-line heating systems and components!

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